Nature’s Pantry

A wholesome lifestyle starts with a balanced diet. So, as well as providing complementary therapies and pet care services, we also stock a wide range of natural food and healthcare products.

That includes high strength therapy-grade joint care supplements through to 100% natural food and treats. From pets to livestock, we can recommend something to suit all animals – and every budget.

So, pop the kettle on, settle in and take a look at our product list below – then just send us an email or give us a bell with your order. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to drop us a line – and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Whilst only our most popular brands are listed below – Riaflex, Lintbells (YuMOVE), Dorwest, Higher Nature, Verm-X, Sea Treats and Natures Menu – we also supply a wide range of other brands including Phytopet, Nature Diet, Applaws, Forthglade, Hollings, T Forrest, Kong, Natural Bakery, Kennelpak Whimzees, Puredog Stag Bars and many more. So please do get in touch with your specific requirements.



Dedicated to formulating and producing the highest spec supplements on the market, Riaflex use only the finest ingredients, prepared without compromise. Ingredient ratios are critical which is why Riaflex pride themselves on producing powerful, affordable supplements, formulated to a supreme strength that will provide the maximum possible benefit to your pet. So whether you’re looking to support an existing joint problem or to maintain performance in competition or work, you can’t go wrong with these exceptional supplements.

Canine Joint Plus HA

Everything your dog’s joints need in a single supplement – Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and antioxidants, all at exceptional levels.
200g – £28.00 400g – £48.00 800g – £79.00 800g Refill Pouch – £74.00


Canine Joint Daily

Designed for those with a more limited budget. Glucosamine, MSM, Manganese and Vitamins C & E.
400g – £40.00 800g – £65.00

Canine/Feline Glucosamine

The strongest available form of Glucosamine Hydrochloride in undiluted form.
125g – £18.00 350g – £37.99

Canine Devil’s Alternative

The most powerful and high impact pain killer alternative possible. Devils Claw extract, amino acids, and antioxidants. Not suitable for pregnant bitches.
300g – £20.00

Canine MSM

A natural and effective anti-inflammatory. The highest quality and purity (99.9%) MSM.
275g – £15.00

Canine Green Lipped Muscle

A natural and effective anti-inflammatory. The highest quality and purity Green Lipped Mussel.
125g – £19.00 350g – £39.00

Canine/Feline Salmon Oil

Comprising 100% fresh salmon, this oil brings balance to your pet’s diet by adding a rich source of omega 3, essential for healthy joints, heart, brain, eyes, skin, and coat.
520ml – £15.98 5ltr Jerry Can with Pump – £49.00


Equine Complete HA

The ultimate and most effective joint supplement – a powerful combination of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), and antioxidants.
700g – £42.00 700g Refill Pouch – £41.00 1.4kg Refill Pouch – £77.00 2.8kg Refill Pouch – £149.00

Equine 50:50

Designed for those with a more limited budget. Glucosamine and MSM.
700g – £26.00 700g Refill Pouch – £25.00 1.4kg Refill Pouch – £46.00 2.8kg Refill Pouch – £87.00

Equine Devils Alternative

The most powerful and high impact pain killer alternative possible. Devils Claw extract, herbs, amino acids, and antioxidants.
700g – £29.00

Equine Glucosamine

The strongest available form of Glucosamine Hydrochloride in undiluted form.
550g – £21.00 550g Refill Pouch – £20.00 1.1kg Refill Pouch – £38.00 2.2kg Refill Pouch – £74.00

Equine MSM

A natural and effective anti-inflammatory. The highest quality and purity (99.9%) MSM.
700g – £24.00

Equine Vitamin E, Selenium and Lysine

Specially formulated for the performance horse – high spec, powerful combination of anti-oxidants essential for helping to maintain muscle function, vitality, condition, strength, and endurance.
600g – £17.00



More wiggle when they wag. Purrrfect coats and playful pounces. Glowing health from head to tail. Quality of life and more complete nutrition, whatever their age.


YuMOVE Joint and Mobility Supplements


A formula for stiff and older dogs that works fast. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel, Hyaluronic Acid, Manganese, Vitamin C & E.
60 Tablets – £16.25 120 Tablets – £28.99 300 Tablets – £58.99

YuMOVE Working Dog

This premium quality, natural formula supports your working dog, promoting mobility and supporting both joint health and digestion.
480 Tablets – £69.99

YuMOVE Active Dog

This premium supplement supports active and growing joints – perfect for puppies, younger adults and canine athletes.
60 Tablets – £19.25 240 Tablets – £50.49


This supplement provides a unique combination of proven active ingredients to help soothe stiff joints, support joint structure and promote mobility.
900g – £36.00 2.5kg – £77.00


Specifically designed with increased levels of key active ingredients, this supplement will maintain your working or performance horse’s joint health during exercise.
900g – £60.00 2.5kg – £133.00


YuMEGA Skin, Coat and Hoof Supplements


Packed with natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils, this proven premium quality coat and skin supplement is ideal for moulting dogs, improves dry skin and supports coat condition.
250ml – £13.99 500ml – £22.50

YuMEGA Boost

A nutritional boost for coat and nails.
180 Scoops – £28.00

YuMEGA Show Dog

A unique blend of the finest Omega 3 and 6 oils combined with Lutein, Lecithin and natural Vitamin E to promote skin condition, show coat, and eye health in show dogs.
500ml – £27.02

YuMEGA Itchy Dog

A premium supplement, with the right blend of Omega 3 and 6 oils, for dogs prone to feeling itchy.
250ml – £17.99 500ml – £29.48


Packed with premium natural essential Omega 3 and 6 oils, plus added Vitamin E, this supplement is blended specially for cats and can help improve skin problems and add an extra gloss to their coat.
50ml – £14.99



High in essential Omega 3 and 6 oils and rich in Vitamin E, this supplement will help to nourish the skin and promote a shiny coat, to leave horses looking their best.
1ltr – £34.00


Help for your horse’s hooves with ingredients designed to support healthy, strong hooves and encourage growth.
900g – £35.00

YuDIGEST Digestive Supplements


A unique complex of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed to actively support your dog’s digestive health.
60 Tablets – £15.74 120 Tablets – £25.99 300 Tablets – £55.50


Gentle, natural and effective, YuDIGEST PLUS provides fast support for troubled tummies and management for ongoing upsets.
6 Sachets – £8.30 30 Sachets – £32.99 60 Sachets – £60.50


YuCARE and Wellbeing Supplements

YuCARE Skin Cream

This gentle antibacterial cream combines the healing properties of Calendula, Provitamin B5, natural Vitamin E and Colloidal Silver for a soothing, antiseptic all-round cream.
25ml – £14.24 50ml – £21.50

YuCARE Skin Balm

YuCARE Skin Balm soothes and moisturises dry and cracked skin, forming a protective layer to safeguard exposed skin – like paws and noses – from the effects of the environment.
25ml – £9.98

YuCARE Ear Drops

Gentle, antibacterial cleansing for your pet’s ears.
25ml – £14.24 50ml – £20.50

YuCARE Eye Spray

Gentle, effective way to clean and protect your pets’ eyes.
25ml – £14.24 50ml – £20.50

YuCARE Silver Water

Use this large Silver Water bottle to top up your Ear Cleaning drops or your Eye Cleaning spray to help reduce tear staining and clean your pet’s ears.
200ml – £25.99

Salmopet Salmon Oil

Made with 100% pure fresh Salmon, Salmopet ensures the best quality oil available to help maintain the health and vitality of dogs and cats.
100ml – £12.95 300ml – £20.50 1ltr – £41.50

YUM Puppy

Just welcomed a new puppy home? Playing birth partner to a canine mum-to-be? Help them along with YUM Puppy, a natural supplement that’s specifically developed to support new mums and their growing pups.
35g – £10.99 350g – £66.99

YUM Energy

Ideal for agility, flyball and active dogs, YUM Energy are a natural and tasty treat that helps replenish energy stores after exercise.
90 Tablets – £8.99

Liver and Garlic Treats

With the health benefits of liver and garlic, these were made to provide your dog with a small, healthy and tasty reward, ideal for training and as a treat.
250 Treats – £5.50



The UKs leading provider of canine and feline herbal treatments.

Veterinary Herbal Medicines

Garlic Tablets

A real all-round aid to health while also being a repellent to parasites. As well as having antibiotic, antiseptic and antiviral properties, this Garlic preparation helps to maintain healthy circulation and aid in the symptomatic relief of coughs and bronchial conditions.
100 Tablets – £6.90 200 Tablets – £11.90 500 Tablets – £25.40

Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets

Combining anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-viral properties, this licensed herbal medicine is used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis but it can also be used for the symptomatic relief of minor infections, skin conditions and coughs. It can be useful in pets with atopic dermatitis (eczema) or cystitis.
100 Tablets – £8.90 200 Tablets – £15.50 500 Tablets – £33.80

Kelp and Seaweed Tablets

A rich source of minerals and other trace elements, this licensed herbal medicine is an ideal choice for pets that have lost condition but gained weight. It is most often used for the symptomatic relief of poor hair growth and pigmentation, and to aid in the treatment of obesity.
100 Tablets – £8.50 200 Tablets – £14.80 500 Tablets – £32.60

Mixed Vegetable Tablets

Natural anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-bacterial and pain relieving properties. Its main uses are for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, skin and kidney disorders and as a diuretic to aid normal urinary elimination.
100 Tablets – £8.90 200 Tablets – £15.50 500 Tablets – £33.80

Raspberry Leaf Tablets

With its ability to tone the smooth muscle of the uterus, Raspberry Leaf is a veterinary recommended birth aid to ensure your dog or cat’s labour runs smoothly. Also a useful aid in the prevention of pseudo-pregnancy (false pregnancy/phantom pregnancy) in both dogs and cats.
100 Tablets – £8.90 200 Tablets – £15.50 500 Tablets – £33.80

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets

Widely used as a treatment for noise phobias and fears as well as for general excitability and hyperactivity. Calms and relaxes dogs or cats without causing drowsiness or sedation.
100 Tablets – £10.70 200 Tablets – £18.70 500 Tablets – £38.50


Dietary Supplements

Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Helps to regulate the inflammatory process, promotes heart health, skin and hair condition, the absorption of calcium, and helps to maintain mobility and supple joints.
100 Capsules – £6.80 200 Capsules – £11.40 500 Capsules – £24.90

Damiana & Kola Tablets

Helps to increase alertness and vitality as well as being useful in situations where pets might just need a boost to perform at their best or when mental energy is low as a result of recent illness or bereavement.
100 Tablets – £7.40 200 Tablets – £13.30

Digestive Tablets

Calm and soothe digestive upsets with this herbal combination of ginger, valerian, rhubarb, peppermint and slippery elm. Useful for long term upsets or in the short term to settle digestion before an event or with pet’s who suffer from motion sickness.
100 Tablets – £8.90 200 Tablets – £15.60

Doggy De-Tox Tablets

Containing three ‘super-green’ foods, this supplement helps to detoxify the system of both dogs and cats of pollutants and other impurities.
100 Tablets – £7.40 200 Tablets – £13.30


Boost the levels of iron, vitamin C, chlorophyll, calcium and magnesium plus bio-active antioxidants and anti-histamines with this easy to give powder.
250g – £10.90 500g – £20.50 1kg – £36.20

Elderberry & Nettle Extract

Lack of skin or coat pigmentation can occur through the winter, following a bitch’s season or heat, or during illness and in old age. The herbs in this supplement are naturally rich in iron and iodine and tried and tested solutions to pigmentation problems.
125ml – £14.60 250ml – £26.60 500ml – £48.80

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Containing the highest available levels of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), this preparation helps to reduce scurfiness and dryness and maintain healthy skin and coat condition. Particularly recommended for show dogs, breeds with long coats, and after a moult or other conditions causing hair loss. Evening Primrose Oil is also believed to restore the balance in reproductive hormones that can otherwise influence behaviour and coat quality.
100 Capsules – £11.80 200 Capsules – £22.40 500 Capsules – £53.90

Evening Primrose Oil Liquid

All the benefits of the capsules in an easy to give odourless and flavourless liquid. Ideal for cats.
30ml – £9.90 100ml – £22.90

Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets

Using the most concentrated, high grade glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin, this supplement supports all aspects of joint health, maintaining flexibility and mobility.
100 Tablets – £18.90 200 Tablets – £33.90 400 Tablets – £62.90


Keepers Mix

Dorwest’s top selling dietary supplement for all round herbal health, year after year. Keep dogs and cats in tip top condition by giving the diet a super-boost with this potent blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds.
250g – £12.50 500g – £22.30 1kg – £39.20

Kelp Seaweed Powder

With a rich source of minerals, trace elements and organic fibres, this makes a great nutritional supplement and also promotes coat growth and helps to maintain good pigmentation.
250g – £6.80 500g – £12.70

Malted Kelp Tablets

The combination of malt, kelp and aniseed in this supplement encourages dogs and cats with poor appetites to clear their bowls. Even fussy feeders will be helped to regain a healthy appetite and gain bodyweight and condition.
100 Tablets – £8.50 200 Tablets – £14.80

Milk Thistle Tablets

This pure preparation contains high levels of silymarin which protects and supports the functions of the liver at the level of individual cells.
100 Tablets – £15.10 200 Tablets – £28.10 500 Tablets – £57.60

Organic Valerian Compound

Frightened, anxious, hyperactive and stressed animals can be calmed quickly using this easy to give liquid. Cats particularly love the smell, so administration really couldn’t be simpler.

30ml – £10.20 100ml – £23.95

Tree Barks Powder

The two powdered tree barks in this supplement soothe the digestive tract, slowing the passage of food and increasing absorption of nutrients, firming stools and easing discomfort. Suitable for use in weaning, during recovery from illness, alongside medication in animals with conditions such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and in pets experiencing bouts of diarrhoea.
100g – £11.40 200g – £19.90 400g – £36.30

Wheatgerm Oil Capsules

Wheatgerm oil contains nature’s powerful antioxidant, vitamin E. Beneficial for general health and to support a healthy skin, coat and reproductive system in both male and female animals.
100 Capsules – £6.80 200 Capsules – £11.40 500 Capsules – £24.90

Wheatgerm Oil Liquid

All the benefits of the capsules but in an easy to give, premium-grade liquid.
100ml – £7.80 500ml – £21.80


Topical Products

Organic Comfrey & Calendula Balm

An organically produced soothing balm used to calm and soften dry, scaly and damaged skin. Ideal for skin folds, pressure calluses, sore pads and areas of roughened but unbroken skin.
30g – £6.50

Garlic Juice

With antiseptic, anti-viral and antibacterial properties, this is perfect for cleaning scratches and minor abrasions, or cleaning ears and skin folds. Or comb through the coat to repel fleas and ticks. Garlic Juice can also be added to the drinking water of rabbits and hamsters and is safe for birds.
125ml Spray – £7.50 500ml – £20.70

Oatmeal Advance Dog Shampoo

Suitable for all pets and an especially good option for those with sensitivity, as soothing, hydrating oatmeal and calming lavender oil work together to nourish the skin. With a pH of 7 to work harmoniously with your pet’s skin, this hypoallergenic natural shampoo contains no artificial colours or fragrances, or chemical foaming agents like SLS or SLES.
200ml – £6.80 500ml – £15.50 1ltr – £26.70

Pennyroyal Dog and Cat Shampoo

Pennyroayl has been used as a parasite repellent since the Middle Ages. Dorwest has taken the volatile oil found in this herb’s leaves and added it to a quality shampoo base. It can be diluted by up to 50% and rinses easily. Use regularly to repel fleas.
200ml – £6.20 500ml – £13.90 1ltr – £23.80


Higher Nature


Natural vitamins, minerals, multivitamins and pro-biotics.

SuperDog Ultimate Nutrition

90 Capsules – £15.25

SuperDog MSM

150g Powder – £13.65

SuperDog Glucosamine

90 Tablets – £12.45

SuperDog Essential Omegas 3:6:9

90 Capsules – £13.00

SuperPet Organic Aloe

120ml – £17.15

SuperPet Organic Essential Omegas 3:6:9 Oil

200ml – £13.00

Colloidal Silver

Natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.
15ml Refillable Bottle – £8.35 100ml – £18.30 200ml – £31.75



Verm-X offer 100% natural and herbal wormers for your pets, poultry and smallholder animals. The whole range has been designed to help maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the animal’s gut and digestive system. Available in various forms including a daily crunchie for dogs and cats, a convenient ‘add to feed’ liquid, or an easy to use herbal pellet or powder.


Crunchies for Dogs

100g – £6.17 325g – £16.48 650g – £32.45 1.3kg – £55.00 2.6kg – £99.00

Liquid for Working Dogs

250ml – £18.44 500ml – £35.33 1ltr – £65.41 5ltr – £237.00 10ltr – £438.00

Pellets for Dogs

200g – £16.99

Itch-Eeze for Dogs

A 100% pure encapsulated blend of the Itch-Eeze herbs to assist with areas of itching and scratching.
50g – £39.55

Crunchies for Cats

60g – £6.15 120g – £9.84 480g – £33.16 1kg – £55.93


Pellets for Horses

250g – £12.31 750g – £32.45 1.5kg – £59.74 4kg – £115.00 8kg – £199.00

Liquid for Horses

250ml – £15.71 500ml – £28.79 1ltr – £49.96 5ltr – £199.00 10ltr – £369.00

Powder for Horses

80g – £10.76 320g – £37.60 480g – £54.59 960g – £95.00 1440g – £133.00

Nuggets for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and all Rodents

180g – £6.17 1.5kg – £39.50 4kg – £82.00 8kg – £123.00


Pellets for Poultry

250g – £11.32 750g – £23.69 1.5kg – £42.75 4kg – £83.50 8kg – £145.00

Liquid for Poultry

250ml – £17.41 500ml – £29.82 1ltr – £50.99 5ltr – £201.00 10ltr – £379.00

Keep-Well Pelleted Poultry Tonic

A non-GM formulation for the benefit and maintenance of general health in poultry. Containing an effective blend of seven herbs including Ginseng and Echinacea, plus calcium, sunflower oil and seaweed meal, Keep-Well is safe and effective to use on all poultry but has proved particularly popular with the recuperation of ex-battery hens.
250g – £13.60 750g – £28.82 1.5kg – £50.99


Poultry Zest

A nutritional supplement specially recommended for improving all-round condition and performance in birds. Enriched with Tumeric, Ginger Root, Fenugreek and Aniseed with added Sunflower Oil and Micronised Ground Wheat, it helps your birds recover quickly after moulting and is invaluable for rearing poultry, ducks, geese, racing pigeons, turkeys and game birds.
500g – £5.67 1.5kg – £16.12 4kg – £40.43 8kg – £71.84

Pellets for Caged Birds

100g – £6.04

Pellets for Sheep and Goats

750g – £20.45 1.5kg – £36.31 2.25kg – £48.93 4kg – £83.50 8kg – £145.00

Pellets for Pigs

750g – £24.95 1.5kg – £44.29 4kg – £83.50 8kg – £155.00

Pellets for Cows

1.5kg – £35.79 2.25kg – £44.29 4kg – £65.00 8kg – £113.50

Pellets for Alpacas and Llamas

750g – £20.60 1.5kg – £39.14 4kg – £83.50 8kg – £155.00

Verm-X for Reptiles

25g – £10.30 50g – £15.95


Sea Treats and Super Supplements

100% natural, hypo-allergenic and grain-free fish-based dog and cat treats.


Natural Whitefish Jerky

Twists, Rolls or Bones 1kg – £21.50
Small Crunchies 1kg – £16.50
Medium Crunchies 1kg – £16.50
Fish Fingers 1kg – £16.50
Flatties 1kg – £16.50
Mixed Allsorts 1kg – £16.50

Natural Salmon Jerky

Salmon and Rosemary Rolls or Twists 1kg – £25.50
Salmon Jerky and Seaweed Rolls or Twists 1kg – £25.50
Small Crunchies 1kg – £19.50

Natural Salmon Bites

Bites, Burgers or Fingers 1kg – £16.50

Natural Fishcake Bites

Bites or Burgers 1kg – £15.00


Natural Pure Fish

Pure Whitefish Bites 1kg (10x100g) – £62.90
Whole Dried Sprats 1kg – £25.50
Whole Dried Capelin 1kg – £25.50

Chef’s Range

Whitefish Jerky and Seaweed Fishies or Burgers 1kg – £25.50
Natural Salmon and Seaweed Bites 1kg – £21.50

Fish Sprinkles

Seaweed and Parsley Sprinkles 300g – £12.00
Whitefish Jerky Sprinkles 1kg – £12.50
Natural Salmon Crumbles 1kg – £12.50
Natural Fishcake Crumbles 1kg – £10.00
Sprat 1kg – £16.50

Cold Pressed Salmon Oil

250ml – £11.00 500ml – £16.50 1ltr – £25.50 5ltr – £53.50


Super Supplements Joint Care

Organic hand harvested Irish seaweed, ground linseed and green-lipped mussel powder.
200g – £14.99

Super Supplements Probiotic

Organic hand harvested Irish seaweed, ground linseed and yea sacc.
200g – £14.99

Super Supplements Skin and Coat

Organic hand harvested Irish seaweed and ground linseed.
200g – £14.99

Super Supplements Wellness

Organic hand harvested Irish seaweed, ground linseed and dried blueberries.
200g – £14.99

Super Supplements Organic Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

500ml – £9.50

Challenge Dog Food

Salmon and Trout Training Tiddlers 3kg (6x500g) – £39.00
Salmon and Trout Training Tiddlers 500g – £7.50

Natures Menu

Dogs and cats deserve real, wholesome food, free of artificial colours and flavourings, meat derivatives and other nasties. Natures Menu’s award winning range of complete and balanced raw meals, gently steamed cans and pouches, raw meaty bones and natural treats provide a convenient, simple and safe way to feed dogs and cats a healthy diet every day.

Please note: the frozen range is suitable for local collection or delivery only. As a small business, we’re unable to keep a large amount of the frozen products in stock at our Paw Vida HQ so orders will be made on your request.


Country Hunter Raw Superfood Complete Nuggets for Dogs

Wild Venison and Blueberry 1kg – £3.95
Rabbit and Cranberry 1kg – £3.95
Duck and Plum 1kg – £3.95
Chicken with Salmon and Raspberry 1kg – £3.95
British Lamb 1kg – £3.95
White Fish and Mackerel 1kg – £3.95
Pheasant and Duck 1kg – £3.95
Farm Reared Turkey 1kg – £3.95
Puppy Nuggets 1kg – £3.95


Raw Complete and Balanced Minced Meals for Dogs

Beef 12x300g – £11.88
Lamb 12x300g – £11.88
Chicken and Salmon 12x300g – £11.88
Chicken and Tripe 12x300g – £11.88
Multipack 12x300g mixed – £11.88

Raw Complete and Balanced Nuggets for Dogs

Chicken and Tripe 1kg – £3.45
Lamb 1kg – £3.45
Chicken 1kg – £3.45
Beef 1kg – £3.45
Banquet Dinner 1kg – £3.45
Active 1kg – £3.45
Senior Chicken and Fish 1kg – £3.45
Puppy 1kg – £3.45


Raw Bones, Chews and Chunks for Dogs

Turkey Necks x 2 – £2.49
Meaty Beef Chews x 2 – £2.49
Duck Necks x7 – £2.49
Duck Wings x7 – £2.49
Chicken Wings 1kg – £2.95
Chicken Portion with Whole Bone x2 – £2.49
Lamb Neck x1 – £2.49
Lamb Ribs x1 Rack – £2.49
Raw Paddywacks x2 – £2.49
Beef Ribs x2 – £2.49
Raw Beef Knuckle Bone x1 – £2.49
Raw Marrowbone x1 – £2.49
Beef Trachea x2 – £2.49
Mackerel Chunks 1kg – £2.95
Beef Chunks 1kg – £3.50
Fish Fillet Chunks 1kg – £4.45
Tripe Chunks 1kg – £3.25
Breast Meat Chunks 1kg – £3.95
Poultry Liver Chunks 1kg – £2.95
Beef Liver x2 pieces – £2.49
Chicken Hearts 1kg – £2.95
Beef Heart ½ – £2.49
Lamb Hearts x2 – £2.49


Just Minced Meats for Dogs

Chicken 12x400g – £11.88
White Fish 12x400g – £16.68
Beef 400g – £13.20
Chicken and Rabbit 12x400g – £13.20
Lamb and Chicken 12x400g – £13.20
Beef and Tripe 12x400g – £13.20
Turkey 12x400g – £11.88
Chicken and Tripe 12x400g – £13.20
Chicken with Liver 12x400g – £11.88
Chicken and Beef 12x400g – £11.88
Tripe 12x400g – £14.28
Traditional Dinner for Working Dogs 12x300g – £10.68


Free Flow Minces for Dogs

Chicken 2kg – £4.95
Beef 2kg – £5.95
Chicken and Tripe 2kg – £5.50
Tripe 2kg – £5.95
Lamb and Chicken 2kg – £5.50

Country Hunter Superfood Crunch for Dogs

If you’re looking for a healthy, natural alternative to dry dog food or kibble, or want to add some crunch to your dog’s raw diet, look no further than these freeze dried complete meals. Delicious, easy to serve and a fantastic ‘next best thing’ alternative to the raw diet.

Venison with Blueberries 700g – £6.95 8x700g – £49.00
Rabbit with Cranberry 700g – £6.95 8x700g – £49.00
Duck with Plum 700g – £6.95 8x700g – £49.00

Mixers for Dogs

Mixers can be added to the Just Meat range to create complete raw meals at home.

Country Hunter Mighty Mixer 700g – £3.95 8x700g – £28.00
Blended Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets 1kg – £3.45


Country Hunter Complete Dog Cans

Gently steamed quality meat with nutritious, antioxidant-rich fruit and veg, each containing minced bone for firmer stools and a natural source of calcium. Feed daily for a complete and balanced diet.

Mackerel and Chicken 6x600g – £14.94
Pheasant and Goose 6x600g – £14.94
Farm Reared Turkey 6x600g – £14.94
Wild Boar 6x600g – £14.94
Wild Venison 6x600g – £14.94
Rabbit with Cranberry 6x600g – £14.94
Succulent Duck 6x600g – £14.94
Salmon with Chicken 6x600g – £14.94


Country Hunter Complete Dog Pouches

Country Hunter pouches are made with 80% human grade meat, single proteins and are totally grain and gluten free. Steam cooked to lock in goodness and packed with wholesome fruit and vegetables. Ideal for sensitive and allergy prone dogs. Complete and nutritionally balanced.

Farm Reared Turkey 18x150g – £17.28
Free Range Chicken 18x150g – £17.28
Grass Grazed Beef 18x150g – £17.28
Succulent Duck 18x150g – £11.52
Superfood Selection 36x150g mixed flavours – £34.56


Complete and Balanced Cans and Pouches for Dogs

Gently steamed in a 400g can or 300g pouch. Each contains quality human grade meat, blended fruit and vegetables and wholesome brown rice to create a deliciously meaty, perfectly balanced meal.

Beef with Chicken 12x400g Can – £20.28
Chicken 12x400g Can – £20.28
Lamb with Chicken 12x400g Can – £20.28
Chicken with Salmon 12x400g Can – £20.28
Turkey with Chicken 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Chicken with Vegetables and Rice 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Chicken with Rabbit and Duck 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Beef with Tripe 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Light Chicken with Rabbit 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Mixed Multipack Cans 12x400g – £20.28
Mixed Multipack Pouches 8x300g – £10.08
Junior Chicken and Turkey 12x400g Can – £20.28
Junior Chicken and Lamb 8x300g Pouch – £10.08
Senior Lamb with Chicken 8x300g Pouch – £10.08

Dog Treats

Country Hunter Freeze Dried Venison with Blueberry 50g – £3.25 10x50g – £27.00
Country Hunter Freeze Dried Rabbit with Cranberry 50g – £3.25 10x50g – £27.00
Country Hunter Freeze Dried Duck and Plum 50g – £3.25 10x50g – £27.00
Real Meaty Treats with Chicken 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50
Real Meaty Treats with Beef 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50
Real Meaty Treats with Lamb and Chicken 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50


Raw Complete and Balanced Cat Food

Chicken and Duck Nuggets 6x400g – £14.70
Chicken and Rabbit Nuggets 6x400g – £14.70
Chicken and Salmon Nuggets 6x400g – £14.70
Mixed Multipack Cat Nuggets 6x400g – £14.70

Country Hunter Pouches for Cats

Gently steamed complete and balanced, grain free meal.

Turkey and Rabbit 6x85g – £4.74
Chicken and Goose 6x85g – £4.74
Duck and Pheasant 6x85g – £4.74
Free Range Chicken 6x85g – £4.74
Superfood Selection 36x85g mixed flavours – £28.44


Complete and Balanced Cat Food Pouches

Complete and balanced, gently steamed in their packaging to lock in goodness.

Chicken with Salmon and Tuna Meal 12x100g – £8.28 48x100g – £33.12
Chicken and Turkey Meal 12x100g – £8.28 48x100g – £33.12
Beef and Chicken Meal 12x100g – £8.28 48x100g – £33.12
Mixed Multipack 12x100g – £8.28
Mixed Multipack 48x100g – £31.68
Chicken Meal for Kittens 12x100g – £8.28 48x100g – £33.12
Chicken Salmon and Cod for Junior Cats 12x100g – £8.28 48x100g – £33.12

Cat Treats

Country Hunter Freeze Dried Chicken and Rabbit Snacks 40g – £3.25 10x40g – £27.00
Country Hunter Freeze Dried Chicken and Duck Snacks 40g – £3.25 10x40g – £27.00
Real Meaty Treats with Chicken and Turkey 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50
Real Meaty Treats with Salmon and Trout 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50
Real Meaty Treats with Chicken and Liver 60g – £1.89 12x60g – £17.50