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Covid-19 Reopening

Hi All

We are open for business and just wanted to give a little update on our current protocols. Have a read through and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Working on a mobile basis brings with it a lot of additional risk factors and logistically is a little bit of a nightmare. A person’s home should be their safe place, so it is imperative that working in this manner can be as safe as possible. It is easier to control the environment in a treatment room, but even then, it cannot be 100% safe. Additionally, I also have immediate family who are considered vulnerable and I have to take that into consideration in terms of working out how to work safely going forward.

So with that in mind, I’ve undertaken a full COVID-19 Risk Assessment which will be reviewed regularly and have written a COVID-19 Policy which you can view by following the relevant links. Having done this, below is a guideline on how all appointments will need to take place going forward, in order to keep you and I, your dog/s, and our families as safe as possible.

1. As risk of transmission is much lower outside, appointments will ideally need to be in a secure outside space, such as your garden. If the weather is poor, working under an outdoor shelter, such as a canopy, gazebo, tent or outbuilding would be the next recommended option. However, if these options are not possible, we can work in a well ventilated room within your house away from other members of your household.
2. Owners will need to be socially distanced from myself. I respectfully request this to be a minimum of 2m. However, if this is not possible, owners will be expected to adhere to the 1m+ rule by wearing a face covering (as long as your dog is happy for you to do so) and by avoiding face-to-face positioning with myself.
3. To minimise the amount of equipment being transported from house to house as well as possible cross contamination sites, I will not be bringing my massage couch or vet bed with me. All dogs will be treated at floor level and I have purchased a PU leather gym mat which is waterproof and can be easily cleaned before and after each appointment.
4. As much as possible, owners will need to open and close any gates or doors for me so as to avoid any contact with common contact surfaces. If I do touch any surfaces, I will clean these with Leucillin anti-viral spray (completely safe for dogs and proven effective against COVID-19) and a clean cloth.
5. To avoid cross contamination between households and contamination of my car, I will be wearing a top layer of medical scrubs which will be removed once I have left your property and before getting into my car. These will be bagged in a sealed laundry bag and placed in a sealed laundry box inside my car and laundered appropriately as soon as I arrive home. A clean pair of medical scrubs will therefore be worn at each household.
6. I will also be wearing a clean face mask for the entirety of the appointment, as long as your dog is comfortable with me doing so. These will also be laundered with my medical scrubs. If possible, I would recommend trying to desensitise your dogs to people wearing face masks prior to our first appointment. Please let me know beforehand if your dog seems uncomfortable or agitated with people wearing face coverings.
7. I will be using Leucillin spray to clean my equipment and my hands and arms before and after each treatment. To reduce the risk of transmission of viral droplets to you via your dog’s fur, I will ideally spray your dog’s fur with Leucillin, if you and they are happy for me to do so. If you would prefer me not to do this, then I would highly recommend you bath or shower your dog with shampoo immediately after the treatment.
8. A day prior to your appointment, I will send you a short electronic questionnaire to complete just to confirm you have no symptoms of COVID-19 or have had any close contact with anyone who has since shown symptoms, to ensure it’s safe to carry out the appointment.
9. Preferably payment will be by bank transfer prior to or at the time of the appointment. If you are unable to pay in this way, please ensure you have a cheque or the correct cash ready as I won’t be carrying a float in order to avoid cash being transferred from one client to the next.
10. As much as I appreciate your generosity and kindness, I will not be able to accept any food or drinks from you, again to avoid any cross contamination through handling crockery etc. I will have my own refillable drink bottle with me.
11. And the most difficult one, no kisses allowed between myself and your dog. 😢 This is another reason to wear my mask as I just can’t help myself usually!!

If you have any concerns or questions, please do get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I appreciate that everyone’s situation is different and whilst some of you will be keen to get an appointment, others would prefer to wait, and that’s absolutely no problem. This is a very different way of working to usual and new to us all so it will be reviewed regularly for any changes or improvements that can be made.

And just as a little added extra…
If like me, you’ve been struggling with the thought of how much single use disposable items are being used for PPE and cleaning purposes, you’ll be pleased to see that I won’t be using any single use plastic. My cleaning cloths, clothes and masks will be laundered, my Leucillin spray bottles are refillable and the medical scrubs I have purchased have even been made from recycled plastic bottles! Happy days!

Stay safe and well and I hope to see some of you soon.




Another happy customer…

“Sally had been diagnosed with a suspected cruciate ligament injury and had been suffering with lameness for several months. Lindsay came recommended by the hydrotherapist working with Sally and after just two sessions, I couldn’t believe the difference! There had been a surprising improvement in Sally’s mobility and I also noticed that her mood had lifted and she seemed happier in herself. Even her hydrotherapist could see a notable difference in the pool and was very pleased with the results. I will definitely be booking Sally in for further massage with Lindsay!” Nicola, Ammerdown