Our top to tail approach…

Paw Vida is all about choosing a natural life for our four-legged friends. We originally established Paw Vida to offer holistic healthcare to creatures great and small. Put simply, an holistic approach means we look at the whole of an animal, taking into account their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

So whilst Clinical Canine Massage is now our signature therapy, we also draw upon our background in Animal Behaviour, Veterinary Thermography and Psychology, to create a full picture of your dog.

And the beauty of Paw Vida is that we come to you, because home is where your dog is always most comfortable. And as a small, independently owned business, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the personal touch to every single animal, caring for your beloved companion as if they were our own. We also understand that nobody knows your dog like you do, so we take time to listen carefully to your thoughts and things you’ve spotted.

We also provide a one-stop Shop with a range of natural food and healthcare products to choose from. Achieving a natural approach to health and wellbeing for your pet has never been easier!

Nurture the health and enhance the happiness of your four-legged friend.