Dog School

Whether you look after a particularly playful puppy or have a tricky, enduring issue you can’t quite crack, our one-to-one behaviour counselling sessions can help you make huge leaps forward.


Animal Behavioural Counselling

Paw Vida provides positive, reward-based dog training on a private, one-to-one basis. With advice and practical support, we’ll help you to achieve your own personal dog training goals – whether that’s the perfect recall or banishing those pesky unwanted behaviours.

So how do our one-to-one training sessions work? We’ll come to you as it’s important that we assess your dog in their own environment, where they’re most comfortable. The training methods we’ll use are all based on the principle of positive reinforcement, which has been recognised by animal behaviourists around the globe as the most effective and safest method of dog training. We’ll show you how to use praise, natural treats, play or even a clicker to reward the behaviours you like, whilst ignoring or redirecting the behaviours you don’t.

It’s a simple concept really, the more you reward the behaviours you like, the more likely those behaviours will be repeated, and the more you ignore or redirect unwanted behaviours, the more likely these behaviours will be decreased. Training using these positive, force-free methods becomes an all-round rewarding experience for dog and owner alike – not to mention an incredibly powerful tool.



Of course, ‘dog school’ wouldn’t be complete without some homework! So to ensure you and your dog are on the road to success, we’ll leave you with some training tips and exercises to practice by yourselves. But don’t panic, we’re only a phone call away with advice and support if you hit any bumps in the road along the way.

Our promise to you

At Paw Vida we only want to see happy, healthy pets. So we’ll never use and do not advocate any training equipment or methods which may intimidate, or cause pain and fear – you can rest assured that your dog will enjoy a fun and safe learning environment with us. By training positively, the relationship that will develop between you and your dog will be one based on trust, respect and love. And this special bond with your best friend will last a lifetime – we promise!

Your promise to us

As every dog and every case is different, the number of consultations required will vary from dog to dog. As a general rule of thumb, more complex behavioural issues will require more training sessions than basic obedience training for an eager-to-learn puppy. In any case however, Animal Behaviour Counselling shouldn’t be considered a quick fix. Successful behaviour modification and training requires hard work, consistency and patience. So what’s your promise to us? It’s simple really, work hard at the training exercises we show you (no “the dog ate my homework” excuses!), be consistent in your training methods and commands, and be patient with your dog – it’s only natural for a few hiccups to pop up along the way. And last but by no means least, enjoy yourselves. Learning should be a fun experience for both you and your dog.



Initial consultation
90 mins £35.00*

Follow-up/maintenance session
60 mins £30.00*

* A small additional travel charge may apply depending on your location.